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Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Forest trees grow quite well with little or no pruning, but in landscape situations, tree pruning is often desirable or necessary to remove dead branches, improve tree structure, enhance vigor or maintain safety. The fact is, most pruning is done for "people reasons."

Trees growing in the landscape or urban forest must endure stress not found in the forest, and human safety and aesthetic preferences dictate certain pruning requirements. Understanding the biology of trees and their basic requirements is crucial in optimizing the health and structure of trees through pruning.

Reasons to Prune or Trim Your Trees

  • Reduce risk of failure- Risk of failure can be reduced by establishing a structural pruning program.
  • Provide clearance- Provide overhead room for pedestrians, vehicles, utilities or structures.
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance- Landscaping receives more sunlight and wind damage potential to trees is reduced.
  • Maintain health- Removing dead, diseased branches helps to maintain a tree's vigor and stress resistance.
  • Improve view- View can be enhanced or created by pruning select trees in your landscape.
  • Improve aesthetics- Enhance the appearance of your trees and general landscape.
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